We Saw Him (part 12)

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(Continued from last week…)

MARSHALL from Utah
Marshall had a massive heart attack, and then later described what happened to him as a spirit-guide took him on a journey:

“…I found myself walking in a completely different sphere. It was beautiful beyond description and we were walking on a path….It was a different world than this one….As we walked along the path I noticed a profusion of flowers and trees. They were of a wider variety, and they had many more colors than on earth—or maybe it was that I could see more colors than on earth, I’m not sure.

“I noticed someone on the path ahead of us. As we got closer to the individual I could see and feel that he was a magnificent person. I felt overwhelmed as I looked at him. He was bathed in light. [My guide] asked if I knew who [he] was, and I answered yes. It was Jesus Christ.

“When we got close to the Savior, I felt a tremendous love emanating from Him. It’s hard to describe, but you could feel it all around Him. And I felt a similar enormous love for Him. I fell at His feet—not because I thought about it, but I couldn’t stand. I felt an overpowering urge to fall at His feet and worship Him.

“…As I knelt there at the feet of this marvelous being I became conscious of my past life being reviewed for me. It seemed to occur in a short period, and I felt the Savior’s love during the entire process. That love was…well, it was everywhere. And it was as if we could communicate with each other without speaking. After a period the Savior reached down and I knew I should stand. As soon as I stood, He left.

“[My guide] next led me to a city. It was a city of light. It was similar to cities on earth in that there were buildings and paths, but the buildings and paths appeared to be built of materials which we consider precious on earth. They looked like marble, and gold, and silver, and other bright materials, only they were different. The buildings and streets seemed to have a sheen and to glow. The entire scene was one of indescribable beauty.

“…There was a feeling of love and peace. On earth there always seems to be something…you know how things bother you here. There’s always some problem troubling you—either it’s health, or money, or people, or war—or something. That was missing there. I felt completely at peace, as if there were no problems which were of concern. It wasn’t that there were no challenges. It’s just that everything seemed to be under control. It was such a wonderful feeling that I never wanted to lose it.

“And there was the feeling of love. Love from…from Jesus Christ. It emanated from Him, and it was all around; it was everywhere.”

ELOISE from Wyoming
“…I remember when I was nine or ten-years-old. I was in bed with rheumatic fever, which I’d had for about three months, and I was very sick. We lived on a corner where there were no lights and no other houses around us. My parents had just taken my brother to the doctor because of something he swallowed, and I was alone and frightened.

“My parents told me to keep the door locked and to say in bed. I was scared and crying, and I remember praying for help. All of a sudden a great light filled the room. Standing there by me in the light was Jesus. He put His hands on my head and I felt this enormous outpouring of love.

“Jesus was all dressed in white, and He was very handsome. His eyes were the most wonderful blue, and there was the most warm, wonderful feeling emanating from Him. I don’t remember Him saying anything—just His hands on my head. It seemed that He was there for a long time, and the room was very bright. Then He left, and the room was dark again.

“When my folks came home, I told them what had happened. And they…you know how parents are, they just sort of patted me on the head and told me to go to sleep. They took me in for a test later that week, though, and all of my tests were absolutely wonderful. The doctor said I was almost completely well.

“…Jesus…His beautiful face, His countenance, His hair….And those wonderful big blue eyes. He had a little beard—and when He put His hands on my head I felt His strength. It was a strength that I felt through my whole body. I’ll never forget the feelings that I had in His presence.

“…His clothes….they covered His arms down to His wrists, and they were open at His neck a little way. They were flowing…and the room was gold and blue and pink. It was radiant….[And] there was…like an aurora coming off of Him. And the feeling. I’ll never forget the feeling of His hands on my head” (Journeys Beyond Life, compiled by Arvin S. Gibson, [Horizon Publishers, 1994], pp. 13-14, 19-20).

(to be continued)

4 Responses to We Saw Him (part 12)

  1. Brian Conn

    Beautiful!!! I know the city he speaks of is real, I have been there on many spirit occasions!! Sometimes on a quick visit when someone asks me a question and spirit takes me there for answers – I love the city of light!!! All buildings are golden inside n out!! Always love being taught by heavenly influence!! Thanks for sharing Kenneth!!

    • I know you’ve been there, Brian. And what a blessing that you walk among us…one who has been there and knows. Thanks for the Light you reflect to all who truly know you. Love you, brother! :)

  2. Lisa Harper

    I have just found this blog on a day when I have needed to be uplifted so badly. I know I was led here. These stories are so touching and it is so lovely to hear of our Savior’s love for each of us. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us.

    • I am SO GLAD, Lisa, that God used any of this to bless you when you were in need! May you continue to be assured of our Father and Savior’s love for you! :)

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