Rise and Shine (2012)

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Rise and Shine


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Clear as the sun, fair as the moon

The Light of His word has stirred in you

Gently He calls and beckons you

To shine


Shake off your fears, and awake from sleep

There be more here with us than our eyes can see

So, lift up your head most cheerfully

And shine


Like the dawning across the sky

It’s time to rise and shine


Wide is the gate, and broad the way

Where the multitudes walk and wish to stay

But, some among them seek heaven night and day

So shine


Clean up your wick, oh lamp of God

So the spark of His touch can light you up

While raising His standard high enough

To shine, shine, shine


Truth is dawning for all to find

It’s your time to rise and shine


Shine like a morning without clouds

Roar like a bonfire in the night

Though the land be darkened

And all hopes grow dim

You were born to shine

So shine!


Clear as the sun, fair as the moon

The Light of His love ignites in you

Ever He calls and beckons you

To shine

Rise and shine

Rise and shine, shine, shine


© 2011 God Stories (BMI)


1. Rise and Shine
Kenneth Cope  

All the King's Men


(written by Kenneth Cope)


All points, He’s issued the call

Fall in ranks—our Captain’s recruiting all

Sending me, sending you

To the rescue


Last days, so let’s go with our might

Catch phrase: The field’s already white

He’s calling you, He’s calling me

To toil with Him and be



All the King’s men—band of brothers

All the King’s men—sons and fathers

All the King’s men—servant soldiers

All the King’s men—rescue warriors


Now, hearts can weaken in a season of peace

So, how long will we flirt with the enemy?

He’s asking me, He’s asking you

Who’s on His side, who?


Sound off, let your allegiance be known

And spare not, ’cause your courage could save a soul

He’s charging you, He’s charging me

To lead out in this war

It’s what you and I were born for




© 2011 God Stories (BMI)


2. All the King's Men
Kenneth Cope  



(written by Kenneth Cope)


Another night, and she’s awake

Secretly, pleading grace

From One she loves far away


She’s hoping for what she can’t see

She’s questioning, but remembering

Who He told her she could be


If it were personal

Heart and soul



When she walks the talk, she feels a fire

So she shines the light, and shuns the dark

And it feeds her heart’s desire


Emerging personal

Heart and soul


And yet, it comes and goes

The ebb and flow

So personal


She starts to take the witness stand, when she can

She pours the writing from her hand of all that follows

She searches deep to understand the holy plan

Casting her cares on His tomorrows


It’s turning personal

Heart and soul


A burst of wonderful

The fire that grows

So personal


For her, it’s personal

Heart and soul


Some days feel magical

The hope she knows

So personal


© 2011 God Stories (BMI)


3. Personal
Kenneth Cope  


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