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One of my hobbies is photographing nature. I love the creations of God. I feel a respect for and connection with living things. I love color, design, and beauty. I am very visually oriented. It amazes me…the vast array of colors with which God can paint the sky…using just one light…the sun!

The moon hypnotizes me. I love the way it just quietly does what it was created to do. I sense it is completely content to stay in its appointed orbit and only reflect the light that God has caused to come upon it. What an example to me!

A tree is very much the same, reaching upward, following the light, content to stay in one place for years and years, while being mostly ignored by the people who live under its shade.

These things are fulfilling the measure of their creation. What about me?

I am awestruck by the smallness, but very intricate details of a flower. Using a macro lens has allowed me to peek inside its bloom and marvel at that which I had never seen before. God is in the details!

And then there are the insects…the complexity of a dragonfly’s eye…the pollen dusted hairs on the back of a bumblebee…the elaborate texture of a leaf-bug’s wing.

And what of the birds, fishes, animals? What of man? These are wonderfully complicated creations indeed! Who can say enough of the intelligence, artistry, and sweeping thoroughness of our Creator?

I love the order in nature, its organization and symmetry. And yet, there is a randomness as well. Nothing grows in perfect form and balance…and somehow, that makes it more beautiful to my eyes.

With a camera, I—or anyone else, for that matter—might be able to capture a pleasing static image, a momentary glimpse of a seagull, or butterfly, or whale…but God has breathed pulsating life, individualized personality, and glorious majesty into each of His creations…of which, humankind is the greatest of them all.

God is a glorious artist, and I desire to praise and draw more attention to His magnificence with these amateur photos I now share. And yet, I am just one person, with minimal photographic equipment, as well as insufficient time and resources to be able to go to the lengths it would require to capture the vast array of images that truly reflect the grandeur and scope of God’s abundant creations. On here I am limited. But on Pinterest, I can combine my amateur photos with others’ professional photos and truly assemble a collection of images that attests to the enormous expanse of God’s mighty works. So, please feel free to peruse my amateur galleries HERE…but also, if you wish, take time to visit me on Pinterest.

I call these photo galleries In Six Days…reflecting on those historic six periods of creation, and the wondrous things our God has made.