Women at the Well (1995)

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Women at the Well


(written by Kenneth Cope & Vickey Pahnke)


Woman at the well

Your water jar to fill

A life of hidden grieving

Just trying to satisfy your daily needing


A Stranger at the well

With water in Himself

Draws near to you with love

And offers life that you know nothing of


Still, you hear

Then believe

Quench your thirst

At His feet

You become, in truth, a woman at the Well


Women at the Well

Knew more than tongue would tell

Held fast to all He said

Saw sons and daughters raised up from the dead

Choosing light

Teaching faith

Magnified by His grace

Heaven’s highest praise—these women at the Well


Our Father gave to us the Living Well

With Water sent to strengthen, cleanse and heal


Come, women, to the Well

Drink deep and get your fill

And then, with cup o’erflowing

Take Jesus’ hand and help Him do His pouring

That all may hear

And believe

Quench their thirst at His feet

There is more than tongue can tell

Let’s fill the fountain in ourselves

Till all women live as women at the Well


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


1. Women at the Well
Featuring Julie de Azevedo  

Close Enough to Touch


(written by Linda Kinghorn Leavitt & Kenneth Cope)


I’ve suffered much and given all

For many healers care

But nothing better—only worse

An overwhelming load to bear

Until I’m ready to lay down and die

But from the window I hear this hope filled cry

A Man named Jesus—He’s come to heal us

And suddenly, my faith comes alive


If I get close enough to touch

Close enough to heal

Somehow I know I’ll be whole

If I’m close enough

Close enough to feel

His healing power so real

Now I believe there’s a miracle for me

If I’m close enough to touch


I press my way into the crowd

And touch the Master’s clothes

A perfect cure felt deep inside

He turns to ask—I turn to hide

I’m afraid to reveal what was done

How I called on His power to right this wrong

But this is Jesus—He’s here to heal us

I fall at His feet and tell Him


I came close enough to touch

Close enough to heal

Faith let me know I’d be whole

If I was close enough

Close enough to feel

His love for me so real

I will believe there are miracles for me

When I’m close enough to touch


And down on my knees

As He turns to leave

His eyes seem to say—Just believe

Always believe

That He’s close enough to touch


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


2. Close Enough to Touch
Featuring Linda Kinghorn Leavitt  

Daughter, Arise


(written by Randy Kartchner, Vickey Pahnke,

Julie de Azevedo, & Kenneth Cope)


Free—I won’t hurt again

I fly into the light

And greeting me—friends I cannot name

In a world of perfect white

But they say that I’m not here to stay

The Lord has chosen me

To bring glory to His name


I must go and be His miracle

And leave this paradise

When the Master says, “Daughter, arise”


Peace like I’ve never known

And still I understand

Why I must leave this heavenly home

To fulfill a higher plan

I see Mother grieving over me

While Father pleads with Jesus

To take me by the hand


I will gladly be His miracle

And leave this paradise

When the Master says, “Daughter, arise”


Now I go to be His miracle

And leave this world of light

For the Master calls, “Daughter, arise”


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


3. Daughter, Arise
Featuring Becky Garrett  

If Thou Had Been There


(written by Vickey Pahnke, Kenneth Cope, & Randy Kartchner)


Lazarus, brother, with illness lay

Death lingered in the air

Jesus, my Brother, still far away

Oh, Master, hear my prayer


Four mournful days had gone slowly by

The tomb had his body claimed

Jesus, why hast thou not heard my cry

Here in my heart I prayed



If thou had been here

If thou had been here

I’m sure my brother would not have died


My sister whispered “the Master’s come—

—Run now, He calls for you”

My heart was heavy for death had won

Too late, what could He do




If thou had been here

If thou had only been here

He whom thou lovest would not have died


Jesus stood weeping

And followed us, seeking the place

Where we laid him to rest

Then looking to heaven

He spake and the dead walked again


If He had been here

When we hoped he’d been here

We might be doubting His power over death

—Now we will doubt no more—

Somehow He knew when to be here

Son of God

He is always here


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


4. If Thou Had Been Here
Featuring Kathy Wilkins & Lynda Johnson  

Go In Peace


(written by Vickey Pahnke, Randy Kartchner, & Kenneth Cope)


Go in peace

Go in peace

Simple phrase that has changed

Everything for me

He forgave

So much heartache and pain

Have been freed by this Healer

Who saw good in me


I only need remember

The words He spoke most tender

To a sinner even such as I


Prince of Peace

Shared His treasure with me

And all my sins which were many

Are now released

From this day

I will trust and obey

Every word from my Savior and King

And I’ll start with these—

Go in peace


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


5. Go In Peace
Featuring Vickey Pahnke  

Foolish or Wise


(written by Kathie L. Gakle McArthur & Kenneth Cope)


Ten virgins fair waiting there

Closed doors left five behind

All had been called, but some unprepared

Foolish or wise


Two sisters serving the Master’s needs

One chose to heed her heart

She sat at His feet and heard every word

The better part



Foolish or wise

Real or disguised

Every soul, free to choose

Flesh or divine

Foolish or wise


The guilty came judging—accusing her

Their sins turned their hearts to stone

“Go, sin no more”, His love implored

The stones fell unthrown




Foolish or wise

Shadows or light

Every soul, free to choose

Anguish or life

Foolish or wise


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


6. Foolish or Wise
Featuring Julie de Azevedo  



(written by Randy Kartchner, Vickey Pahnke,

Julie de Azevedo, & Kenneth Cope)



Though the darkness wars to hold us down

The Lord bids us look upward

And leave the world behind


Let us live to be His miracle

And trust in His design

For the Master calls, “Daughters, arise”


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


7. Daughters
Featuring Denise Smith  

Day of Tears


(written by Lynda Johnson & Kenneth Cope)


A crown of thorns—a cross to bear

And sorrowing friends following near

Yet, He speaks through His grief

“Weep not for me”

But how can we hold back these tears



Yom tzaar—day of sorrow

Yom dmaot—day of tears

Day of tears


The tearing flesh—the trembling nerves

Some now bow in jest and mock His thirst

And still from His lips

“Father, forgive”

How could they slay their Lord




Now asleep—rest in peace, Jesus, Lord

With love we come to wash away where hate hath marred

But, can it be

Now we see no grave can hold thee in

Death has an end

Thou lives again


Yom simcha—day of gladness

Yom dmaot—day of tears

Yom peley—day of wonder

Yom dmaot (simcha)—day of tears

Tears of joy


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


8. Day of Tears
Featuring Hilary Weeks  

Miracle From Heaven


(written by Kenneth Cope)


From the sheltering wood of His cradle

To the crippling wood of the cross

From the stony cave of a stable

To the stony tomb of my loss

I would see my Son rise to greatness

But now, He’s risen home to thee

He was my miracle from heaven

A miracle


While He would escape Herod’s danger

He would not escape Satan’s blow

Though revered and worshipped by angels

Men and devils would scorn Him below

He was daylight piercing the darkness

But now, His days are gone from me

He was my miracle from heaven

A wondrous miracle


Miracles—I’ve known His miracles

But the miracle—His greatest miracle . . .


From the swaddling cloth of His birthnight cry

To the crimson cloth of His grief

First His mother’s blood back in Bethlehem

Then His own in Gethsemane

He has drenched Himself in our suffering

That our suffering might not be

He brings this miracle from heaven

For all who will believe

We need His miracle from heaven

Son, work this miracle for me


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


9. Miracle From Heaven
Featuring Jennifer Madsen  

He Came For Me


(written by Hilary Weeks)


Come close my precious child

Listen to the words I’ll say

Many years ago, before you were born

Jesus came

And He changed my life forever


It’d been dark for many days

The storms had taken all we owned

I’d been driven to my knees

Longing for the warmth of my home

When a light appeared above me



He had come

King of all kings

Ruler of worlds

For His other sheep

I felt His hands

I touched His feet

And I’ll forever rejoice

He came for me


It was like there’d been a drought

And every word He spoke was rain

Bringing hope into our lives

And life to the words of the prophets

Passed down through the ages


Then He called the children close

He loved them just as I love you

He let them touch the marks

He let them kiss His cheek

And they knew

We all knew




© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


10. He Came For Me
Featuring Beverlyanne Suafoa  

Greater Love


(written by Kenneth Cope)


If I had been there at His trial

And watched as they mocked Israel’s King

I wonder if I would have tried to turn their hearts to Him


If I had been there when they whipped Him

And watched as He fell to His knees

Would I have been willing to offer my own life for Him?


For His friends—how He bled

His love for them was just as He said

Greater love—He showed the greatest love of all


If I had been there at the hillside

When they fastened His hands to a cross

I’m sure that my heart would have broken


For His friends—for His friends

And that’s me if I do what He said

Would I give—could I live my life

Like Jesus—Jesus?


Well, now it’s been years since His lifetime

But He and His love still remain

And all that I want is to be like Him

He was all I hope to be

I would give my life to be

The kind of friend Jesus was to me

Greater love


© 1989 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


11. Greater Love
Featuring Emilie de Azevedo  


12. Women at the Well [Reprise]
Featuring Randy Kartchner on piano  


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