We are all alive for a reason. God knows every life and every reason. And He desires to guide each of us to our life’s purpose.

My purpose:  I was born to point people to God. Through song, through words, through every medium available to me, I am to proclaim my Lord’s glorious gospel, and do the greatest good I possibly can to my fellowmen. And while I have all these artistic tools for my use, I’m to accomplish my purpose through love.

I want to give people hope. I want to give them a sense of their inestimable value in the eyes of their heavenly Father and their Redeemer. These two Gods, working together, expended great effort, and endured great anguish, so that They might rescue us, and place us beyond the reach of every real enemy. I am passionate about Them, and I strive to have that passion flow out of everything I do.