My Servant Joseph (1993/2005)

kenneth cope - FaceToFace-cover



(written by Kenneth Cope;

assistance with Hebrew translation: D. Kelly Ogden)


ben Abraham                            son of Abraham

ben Yitzhak                               son of Isaac

ben Ya’akob                              son of Jacob

ebed nivkhar                            chosen servant

ben Yosef                                 son of Joseph

ben Efraim                               son of Ephraim

navi kadosh l’Elohim                holy prophet of God

l’daber b’ad Elohim                  to speak for God


© 2000 Merge Right Music/Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


1. Birthright
Kenneth Cope & Orchestra  

Thy Kingdom Come


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Hear us Lord, hear us Lord

God most holy, God of glory

Thou wast turned away

Men set in motion, truth’s erosion

Down to the latter day

O let Thy living voice be heard

Guide us Lord who love Thy word


Helper of man most willing

All of Thy words fulfilling

Father and Son – Thy kingdom come


Thou hast spoken (opened the heavens)

By Thy chosen, (angels and men)

Then Thy speaking ceased

Now this chaos (Lord have mercy)

Who will save us (Mercy Lord)

Lord we turn to Thee


Promises through prophets past

Assure that Thou wouldst send us

Prophets at the last


Helper of man most willing

All of Thy words fulfilling

Father and Son – Thy kingdom come


Thy will be done on earth by men

As is in heaven

Give us this day the heavenly Bread

Forgive our sin as Thou hast said

Speak once again


Helper of man most willing

All of Thy words fulfilling

Father and Son – Thy kingdom come


Let us be our Father’s daughters

And become our Father’s sons

Thy kingdom come


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


2. Thy Kingdom Come

Learning For Myself


(written by Kenneth Cope)



Younger and so unsure

Where could I turn to find my way?

And the witness I thirsted for could I obtain?


Then how it came to me

I heard the words of long ago

“Ask Him and you’ll receive”

And now I can say I know



I’m learning for myself

Trusting He will tell

Doubting no more

Learning for myself


There are those who deny my word

They refuse to believe that God will speak

But the voice they know not I’ve heard

I’ve felt His will for me




He is the surest way

To know of Him, go to Him

For He speaks to those who believe

And I believe

So He keeps leading me




I will knock at the door

And keep learning for myself


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


3. Learning For Myself
Kenneth Cope  

My Servant Joseph


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Hear the words of Christ, your Redeemer

He who liveth, He who was slain

The Lord Almighty

Whose ways will never change

I now come down from heaven

And call on thee to labor for my cause


Thou shalt be called a prophet and a seer

To lead my people, feed my sheep

Build up my Zion

Reveal the words I speak

That all who hear and hearken

(Hear and hearken)

Shall receive salvation from the Lord



My servant Joseph

Thy name is Joseph

Saints follow Joseph

My servant Joseph


The voice of the Lord is unto every nation

All must answer, none shall escape

Heed my disciples sent in these latter days

Make clear the way before me

I soon come to reign upon the earth




Look to Joseph, trust in Joseph

His name is Joseph

My servant Joseph


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


4. My Servant Joseph

Tiny Hands


(written by Kenneth Cope)



Another pair of tiny hands

To lay beneath the clay

Slumbering little baby eyes

To wake another day

O God of heaven, come guard this bed

And let this angel sleep

Till earth is pure for tiny hands

And safe for tiny feet



A wondrous little baby smile

The hope of things to be

Born to face a troubled world

For a moment, and then set free

O God of heaven, take hate from man

Till lambs and lions feed

And make earth pure for tiny hands

And safe for tiny feet


Tiny hands

Angel hands

Perfect hands

Blameless hands


Lifeless hands resting in the night

Waiting for the light

When life will follow

O God of heaven, send Christ again

Bring in His reign of peace

Let earth turn pure

For tiny hands

And safe for tiny feet

Then give back my child to me


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


5. Tiny Hands
Kenneth Cope & Jennifer Madsen  

Founding Zion


(Music:  Henry Tucker / Anon.

Text:  William W. Phelps)


Hosanna to those days ahead

The Savior’s second coming

When all the earth in glorious bloom

Affords the Saints a holy home

Like Adam-ondi-Ahman


6. Founding Zion
Featuring Jenny Frogley & Orchestra  

Go With Me


(written by Kenneth Cope)



God begins again

To work His wonder from the clouds

Words of sleeping prophets

Rise as treasure from the ground

Messengers from heaven speak to man on earth

This man has heard


Knowledge long forgotten

Now is given Face to face

Light is bursting forth

And turning darkness into day

Man can know his Maker if only he’ll receive

This man has seen


Go with me to Cumorah

Go with me, hear the angels voice

Learn of truths taught now from heaven

And what’s soon to be

Go with me


Would to God that all

Could speak the mind and will of heaven

None would need be taught

To know the kingdom come again

Why will man not hearken

God can make you free

Why not believe



Go with me to the angels

Go with me, feel the hand of power

Hear the voice proclaim salvation

And restore the keys

Go with me


Go with me to living waters

Drink and bow the knee

Taste the love of heaven

Yes, come and see

Come and see


Go with me on to glory

Go with me through the heavenly gate

Find your place with saints and angels

In the world of peace, go with me


Go with me past the angels

Go with me to the throne of grace

To the presence of the Father

And to Jesus, come

Go with me, go with me


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


7. Go With Me
Kenneth Cope  


8. Sleigh Ride

Going as a Lamb


(written by Kenneth Cope



Tribulation for salvation

Lead me, Lord, to Thee



Why are they taking you again

Tearing you from my outstretched hands

Living hands that ease the burdens of your heart

Hands that ache for love when we’re apart

Will it never stop


Yet we’ve counted the cost

I am going as a lamb


(Joseph III)

Father, O Father

Why can’t you stay with us

Father, dear Father

Must they take you away from us

What will they do with you



Now the sword is drawn

And I can’t look on

I am going as a lamb


If they slay you Joseph

I am sure to die

Emma, give me words of consolation

For without you husband, I can’t live

Now my heart is broken

I won’t live

You must live

My grief can’t be spoken

Let heaven give comfort once again

I can’t live

Think of the children, you must live

Think of me


Lord be near



For salvation


Lead me, Lord, to Thee


So the day may come

That your work is done

And I’ll be going as a lamb

To die


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


9. Going as a Lamb
Kenneth Cope, Jennifer Madsen, & Tim Taylor  

Man of Sorrows


(written by Kenneth Cope)



Man of sorrows, Man of grief

First believed, then betrayed

Thou who knows me, Friend most sure

Man of counsel, help me to endure


King of mercy, Lord of love

Ease the way, calm the storm

I am hated for Thy sake

Come and rescue, Savior, don’t delay


Thou, dear Lord, has passed below it all

Felt all pain, every help withdrawn

That Thou may have mercy

Have mercy

Help me, come to me


Source of comfort, Prince of peace

Fear’s relief, faith’s reward

I am weary, used and worn

Dear Redeemer, heal and make me whole

Man of sorrows

Jesus, take me home


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


10. Man of Sorrows
Kenneth Cope  


11. Miraculous Nauvoo



(written by Kenneth Cope)



We have shared so many sorrows

Been together through extremes

But I ask you now, dear brother

Part with me

’Cause I sense the greatest danger

And you’ve so much left to give

I want you to live



Now you know I’ll never leave you

And I trust in God to save

But if not, then I am ready for the grave

I’ve been true to you forever

And I’m not about to change

This brother stays




Brothers in name, brothers in heart

Never to fade, whether near or far

Brothers in life, brothers in death

We’ll stand by each other

My brother

Through now and the end


You shall not have want for friendship

There will be no need for care

For as long as you are living


I’ll be there

I’ll go with you into prison

I’ll go with you into death


Again and again




© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


12. Brothers
Kenneth Cope & Randy Thorderson  


13. Tears Flowing Fast

O Lord My God


(Text:  James Montgomery; Music:  George Coles)


(John Taylor)

A poor wayfaring Man of grief

Hath often crossed me on my way,

Who sued so humbly for relief

That I could never answer nay.

I had not power to ask his name,

Where to he went, or whence he came,

Yet there was something in his eye

That won my love; I knew not why.



14. O Lord My God
Kenneth Cope & Orchestra  

Why Must the Good Die? / Free at Last


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Why must the good die

Why are they taken

Taken away, away

Taken away




Free at last, safe at last

Mobs and devils are now something of the past

Free at last, home at last

We have overcome by love

Given all that God has asked

That men’s souls might be saved

And for this we are slain

Yet in time we shall rise from the grave

Christ redeems, trust and see

Go with me to where God makes you free at last

Free at last


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


15. Why Must the Good Die? / Free at Last
Kenneth Cope & Choir  

Come, Follow Me


(music by George Coles; words by Kenneth Cope

additional lyrical ideas: John Nicholson (1839-1909), William  Clayton (1814-1879), James Montgomery (1771-1854)


“Come, follow me” the Savior said

Come do His will as Joseph did

He walked the path and made it straight

Kept Jesus’ word and saw His face

“Come, follow me” – that blessed phrase

It gives us hope for sinless days

That we though mortals here below

Can overcome through Christ, our Lord


Come, come ye Saints and make all well

Come choose the way of life and peace

Forsake the world and conquer self

And help the stranger in his need

Come live to fill the poor with food

The lost with hope, the sad with love

As Jesus showed, mere words won’t do

Our faith and deeds must be as one


Soon in a moment now unknown

The Savior comes to rule and reign

He’ll set the faithful on His throne

And send the wicked to their place

And when He calls thee by thy name

To ask if thou wast of Him ashamed

Thy deeds shall then thine answer be

How well thou heard “Come, follow me”


Come, follow me

Come, follow me


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


16. Come, Follow Me
Featuring Randy Kartchner & Choir  


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