Face to Face (2005)

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Come to Jesus


(written by Chris Rice)


Week and wounded sinner

Lost and left to die

Oh raise your head for love is passin’ by

Come to Jesus—come to Jesus

Come to Jesus and live


Now your burden’s lifted

And carried far away

And precious blood has washed away the stain

So sing to Jesus—sing to Jesus

Sing to Jesus and live


And like a newborn baby

Don’t be afraid to crawl

And remember when you walk sometimes we fall

So fall on Jesus—fall on Jesus

Fall on Jesus and live


Sometimes the way is lonely

And steep and filled with pain

So if your sky is dark and pours the rain

Then cry to Jesus—cry to Jesus

Cry to Jesus and live


Oh and when the love spills over

And music fills the night

And when you can’t contain your joy inside

Then dance for Jesus—dance for Jesus

Dance for Jesus and live


And with your final heartbeat

Kiss the world goodbye

Then go in peace and laugh on glory’s side

And fly to Jesus—fly to Jesus

Fly to Jesus and live

Fly to Jesus—fly to Jesus

Fly to Jesus and live


© 2002 Clumsy Fly Music (ASCAP)


1. Come to Jesus
Kenneth Cope  

Holy Father


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Holy Father, I was born thy child

Raised in heaven, tutored at thy side

Then thou gave me purpose in thy plan

But, dear Father, I’ve forgotten who I am


All those memories hidden by a veil

While my weakness threatens me to fail

Still, dear Father, thou prepared thy Son

Faithful Jesus came to win my soul with love


To know again thy favor

To find it through my Savior


Loving Father, fill me with thy light

Let my Savior’s grace be my supply

Till my soul can do as thou has planned

May I prove myself thy friend

And enduring to the end

Living Father, may I live with thee again


© 2001 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.


2. Holy Father
Kenneth Cope  

Treasure the Truth


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Treasure lost in a field

Found by a traveler

Then quickly concealed

Rejoicing—he gives up his all

To have the treasure

The kingdom of God


Jesus knew we were lost

And came as a traveler

To cover the cost

Unfailing—He paid with His death

Hoping we’d join Him

In the kingdom of heaven


Now truly we see what we are

For treasure will govern the heart

And if His heart moved Him to die

So we could live

Then His treasure is you and I


There’s treasure waiting in heaven

For all who follow

The truths He has given

He bids us come

So that’s what I will do

To have this treasure

I’ll treasure the truth


Truly we show what we are

For treasure will govern our hearts

And if our hearts will give up all

To live with Him

Then our Treasure’s the Son of God


Like Treasure laid in a tomb

Brought forth triumphant

In glorious view

I pledge my faith

And all that I can do

To win His treasure

He is my Treasure

To be His treasure

I’ll treasure the truth


© 1997 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


3. Treasure the Truth
Kenneth Cope  

Going Home


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Going home

Kindly fires burning there that warm my soul

Yearning for the ones I call my own

I’m going home


Right at home

Steady shoulders gather there to share the load

I’m learning how to give what’s needed most

Right at home


This longing to be there

Is calling me there

It’s stronger than words can tell

And once in home’s sweetness

I taste the love of heaven


Heavenly home

Holy faces wait for me and cheer me on

I will do all that it takes to reach their arms

Where I belong

Going home


© 1999 Merge Right Music (BMI)


4. Going Home
Kenneth Cope  

Carpenter's Son


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Back to the days of His childhood

Back to the faces who smiled on His youth

Back to the land where He grew to a Man

While following in carpenter shoes


Back to the tutoring Joseph

Back to the hammer and saw

Working the plans with the skill of His hands

He learned to master it all


That’s why they called Him the carpenter’s son

The seed of a simple one

But He knew the Sire from whence He had come

Framer of worlds

Jesus—the Carpenter’s Son


Now the time came to lay down His woodwork

And take up His mission of finishing souls

But knowing His word must by all men be heard

He turned back to labor at home

He stood up to preach in their church house

And told them of His heavenly call

But flat out rejected—how could they accept it

He was just a carpenter after all


Run out of town—this carpenter’s son

Boy of the local one

But He knew the Sire from whence He had come

Framer of worlds

Jesus—the Carpenter


A carpenter’s livelihood is his wood

Shaped and prepared for his neighbor’s good

And this Carpenter planned to die by the wood

For His neighbor’s good

Carved from a tree of His own creating

Grown in a world He had graced for saving


Jesus—the Carpenter’s Son

I’m hoping He’ll have me—that Carpenter’s Son

Till I’m seed of the Holy One

To share in His name and be heir of the crown He has won

Framer of worlds

Make me a child of the Carpenter’s Son


A son of the Carpenter’s Son

Make me a son of the Carpenter’s Son

I want to become like the Carpenter’s Son

Lord, let me be like the Carpenter’s Son

I want to become like the Carpenter’s Son

Lord, make me one with that Carpenter’s Son


© 1996 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


5. Carpenter's Son
Kenneth Cope  



(written by Kenneth Cope)


My Lord Jesus

Me in heaven—You on earth

You’re in the garden

And Your heavy burden is growing worse

I weep for You, Jesus


My poor Jesus

I’m so sorry to make You cry

But I’m far from like You

And all my sins, Lord, demand this price


I wish that I could come to You

And wipe away the blood

And then I’d bear Your cross, Lord

If I could

But I’m up here

And You’re down there, Jesus


My poor Jesus

I’m so sorry to make You die

But, please, for me, Jesus



Now Lord Jesus

You’re in heaven and I’m on earth

Now it’s my turn

And my little burden is getting worse

I weep for me, Jesus


Oh kind Jesus

I keep trying to win this fight

But I just can’t change me

I need Your grace, Lord

Please provide


I wish that I could run to You

And all of this would end

If I could see Your face

Have You close again

But You’re up there

And I’m down here, Oh Jesus


My Lord Jesus

If You’ve got time to spend with me tonight

Then fly to me, Jesus



© 2001 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


6. Gethsemane
Kenneth Cope  

Never a Better Hero


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Making His home with the lonely

Spending His days with the poor

Bringing hope to their hearts

Giving man a new start

With His cure


But not all would receive of His offering

Some even planned His decease

And yet He could not forsake

Those whose lives He might save

So He refused to leave



Never a better hero

Never a truer man

Hoping to save us

By taking our pain in His hands

Never a greater compassion

Never a wasted day

Not one regret

True to the end

There was never a better way


Now He knew His life would be shortened

But never murmured a word of complaint

For He had in mind a much greater design

And it helped Him through the pain


He gave men power to take Him

Knowing His death would bring life

And it was no surprise

There was love in His eyes

When He died




But death was not the end

For He would live again




All that He did

Follow and live

There’ll be never a better way


© 1989 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


7. Never a Better Hero
Kenneth Cope  

Miracle From Heaven


(written by Kenneth Cope)


From the sheltering wood of His cradle

To the crippling wood of the cross

From the stony cave of a stable

To a stony tomb threatening loss

Some would see God’s Son rise to greatness

But now, He’s risen home to thee

He was a miracle from heaven

A miracle


While He would escape Herod’s danger

He would not escape Satan’s blow

Though revered and worshipped by angels

Men and devils would scorn Him below

He was daylight piercing the darkness

But now, His days are veiled from me

He was a miracle from heaven

A wondrous miracle


Miracles—I’ve known His miracles

But the miracle—His greatest miracle . . .


From the swaddling cloth of His birth-night cry

To the crimson cloth of His grief

From His mother’s blood back in Bethlehem

To His own on Calvary

He has drenched Himself in our suffering

That our suffering might not be

He brings this miracle from heaven

For all who will believe

We need His miracle from heaven

Lord, work Your miracle for me


© 1995 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


8. Miracle From Heaven
Kenneth Cope  

White Dress


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Long before morning, without a warning

Annie came calling to little Louisa

Wearing the moonlight, but wanting the sunlight

She stood at her bedside and poured out her heart

“Get up and tell Mama all that I said

’Cause I can’t move ahead

Unless I can get a white dress”


Charlotte O’Grady—a dear-hearted lady

She’s seen nearly eighty years coming and going

One night while she’s dreaming, her mother comes pleading

Saying: “Charlotte, I’m needing your help to move on

Now don’t wait for nothing

The moment it’s day, take up my name

And see that I get a white dress”


Mothers and daughters are shedding a tear

Heaven’s rejoicing as Jesus draws near

And it’s like this

They’re getting their white dress


In Wichita, Kansas, Nettie and Francis

Bow over breakfast to start off the day

When the voice of the Spirit pays them a visit

And says: “It’s time to get with it—there’s family to save

Your fathers and mothers are biding their time

They’re waiting for you

To help them get dressed up in white”


Well, Nettie and Francis are filled with desire

They’re searching through records and feeling the fire

And after each name’s acquired

It’s up to God’s mountain where white is applied

And he in his robes and she in her gown

They’re doing their best to turn it around

And they won’t rest

Till all are in white dress


Walking with Jesus in white

Wearing their white dress…


Before the Lord’s coming

Elijah’s been stirring

And fathers are turning to you

And to me


© 1996 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


9. White Dress
Kenneth Cope  

Eden's Garden


(written by Kenneth Cope)


—for Eden—


Born in the fall of ’92

On the evening of a crimson moon

Bringing paradise to all we knew

We named her Eden


It wasn’t long before her soul would wake

Nature blooming in her face

We cleared for her a garden place

And called it Eden

All for Eden


So we plant and tend

And watch her changing

Waiting on the Vine

Never trifling with the giving of our time

Then the Master of the harvest

Turns our watering into wine

Sweetest joy of our lives

Eden’s garden


Halos ’round her chestnut hair

And midnight eyes that take us there

We wonder how we ever fared

To care for Eden


Born in a land of briers and thorns

Torn by hate and drowned in war

We would feel the earth bow down and mourn

And cry for Eden

She cries for Eden


So we plant and tend

And watch her changing

Waiting on the Vine

Never trifling with the giving of our time

Then the Master of the harvest

Turns our watering into wine

Sweetest joy of our lives

Eden’s garden


An angel has come to stay with us

Play with us

Pray with us

A little child shall lead them

And though we know she won’t belong to us

She’s here to teach her song to us


Our eyes on Eden

We look to Eden

We live for Eden


© 1998 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


10. Eden's Garden
Kenneth Cope  

Call on Me


(written by Kenneth Cope)


Back when I was so much younger

Mama taught ’bout another

A Man of love who said, “Follow me”

It made a big impression

For the Man became a legend

And His words a creed (Follow me)

But more than that inside of me

There stirred a seed

I felt that I should follow Him

What did it mean?


Well, I fed upon the pages

Trusted words of ancient strangers

’Cause they believed in His “Follow me”

And it gave me understanding

For His story showed me all that a man should be (Follow me)

His love could never let Him turn a soul away

Getting to the heart of it

He seemed to say


I will be there for your pain and your sorrow

Ready to help in your hour of need

Whether today or tomorrow

You can always call on me


From the days of first encounter

I have savored every hour at His knee

I like the company

After all the years of care and watering

What was once a seed is now a life-giving tree


I will be there for your pain and your sorrow

Ready to help in your hour of need

Whether today or tomorrow

You can always call on me


You see the good we do

From another point of view

’Cause You once said

Helping them means helping You

Then through their tears I hear You crying

And I’m going to live to wipe them dry


I will be there for Your pain and Your sorrow

Ready to help in Your hour of need

Whether today or tomorrow

You can always call on me


If you’re needing someone now

If you’re needing a shoulder for leaning

If you’re needing a hand to hold on to

Well, then call on me, call on me, count on me

And I’ll be there…


© 1991 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


11. Call on Me
Kenneth Cope  

Man in the Sun


(written by Kenneth Cope)


—for Dad—


High above the veiled horizon

Stronger than the face of lightning

His work never done

Shines the Man in the sun


Papa was a good man, poor man

But wished he were a good man, rich man

Ever admiring the shine in this world of ours

But Papa couldn’t hold his fortune

Faced the day with hands wide open

Gave it away

As fast as it came along


He’d light up the day

He’d warm up the night

Wherever the deed needed done

He’d carry the flame

Till he’d run out of fire

Climb in his plane, and fly to the Man in the sun


Papa loved granting favors

Digging deep for friends and strangers

He’d give his last dime, but never run short on love

He’d shine at one on one encounters

And now beyond his final hour

Remembering the man has the power to urge me on


He taught me

Love is what we are

—I can still hear . . . Look in their eyes, Son

Don’t hold back your heart

—I can still hear . . . Remember me, Son

When I’m dead and gone

—I can still hear . . . I’ll be watching

So take the flame and carry on


He’d light up the day

He’d warm up the night

Wherever the deed needed done

Now he’s passed on the flame

And vanished from sight


I’m going to light up the day

And warm up the night

Wherever the deed needs done

Going to give it away

Till the day that I die

Then it’s back to you Papa

I’m going to follow you Papa

Home to the Man in the sun


Papa’s now a rich man


© 1998 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


12. Man in the Sun
Kenneth Cope  

Go With Me


(written by Kenneth Cope)



God begins again

To work His wonder from the clouds

Words of sleeping prophets

Rise as treasure from the ground

Messengers from heaven speak to man on earth

This man has heard


Knowledge long forgotten

Now is given Face to face

Light is bursting forth

And turning darkness into day

Man can know his Maker if only he’ll receive

This man has seen


Go with me to Cumorah

Go with me, hear the angels voice

Learn of truths taught now from heaven

And what’s soon to be

Go with me


Would to God that all

Could speak the mind and will of heaven

None would need be taught

To know the kingdom come again

Why will man not hearken

God can make you free

Why not believe



Go with me to the angels

Go with me, feel the hand of power

Hear the voice proclaim salvation

And restore the keys

Go with me


Go with me to living waters

Drink and bow the knee

Taste the love of heaven

Yes, come and see

Come and see


Go with me on to glory

Go with me through the heavenly gate

Find your place with saints and angels

In the world of peace, go with me


Go with me past the angels

Go with me to the throne of grace

To the presence of the Father

And to Jesus, come

Go with me, go with me


© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


13. Go With Me
Kenneth Cope  



(written by Kenneth Cope)



We have shared so many sorrows

Been together through extremes

But I ask you now, dear brother

Part with me

’Cause I sense the greatest danger

And you’ve so much left to give

I want you to live



Now you know I’ll never leave you

And I trust in God to save

But if not, then I am ready for the grave

I’ve been true to you forever

And I’m not about to change

This brother stays




Brothers in name, brothers in heart

Never to fade, whether near or far

Brothers in life, brothers in death

We’ll stand by each other

My brother

Through now and the end


You shall not have want for friendship

There will be no need for care

For as long as you are living


I’ll be there

I’ll go with you into prison

I’ll go with you into death


Again and again




© 1993 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


14. Brothers
Kenneth Cope & Randy Thorderson  

Face to Face


(written by Kenneth Cope)


If the earth could give its witness

All creation shout its praise

If the continents and oceans

Spoke to man of their devotion

Would mortals doubt Him so

If all were now made known


If the faithless of the ages

Were to feel His healing power

If the eyes and ears He opened

Might be theirs for just a moment

Would it soften hearts of stone

If He were truly known


Face to face

So few were in that place

When heaven sent Messiah

To reclaim this fallen race


If I could stand atop the mountains

And sound His name in every ear

If I had power to tell His story

Like the angels have before me

Would more sins be swept away

If the world could sense the debt He paid


Face to face

I’ll seek Him all my days

He means more than life to me

Death can’t take that away


But if I can’t convince a world

Then perhaps I’ll reach a soul

As I tell of how He’s changed me

How I wait for Him to take me—home

Then I’ll worship on my knees

And kiss once wounded feet


Though He knows of my praise

One day I’ll tell Him

Face to face


© 1991 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


15. Face To Face
Kenneth Cope  

His Hands


(written by Kenneth Cope)


His hands—tools of creation

Stronger than nations, power without end

And yet through them we find our truest Friend


His hands—sermons of kindness

Healing men’s blindness, halting years of pain

Children waiting to be held again


His hands would serve His whole life through

Showing man what hands might do

Giving, ever giving endlessly

Each day was filled with selflessness, and I’ll not rest

Till I make of my hand what they could be

Till these hands become like those from Galilee


His hands—warming a beggar

Lifting a leper, calling back the dead

Breaking bread, five thousand fed


His hands—hushing contention

Pointing to Heaven, ever free of sin

Then bidding man to follow Him


His hands would serve His whole life through

Showing man what hands might do

Giving, ever giving endlessly

Each day was filled with selflessness, and I’ll not rest

Till I make of my hand what they could be

Till these hands become like those from Galilee


His hands clasp in agony

As he lay pleading, bleeding in the garden

While just moments away

Other hands betray Him out of greed, shameful greed


And then His hands are trembling

Straining to carry the beam that they’d be nailed to

As He stumbles through the streets

Heading for the hill on which He’d die

He would die


They take His hands, His mighty hands

Those gentle hands

And then they pierce them, they pierce them

He lets them because of love


From birth to death was selflessness

And clearly now I see Him with His hands calling to me

And though I’m not yet as I would be

He has shown me how I could be

I will make my hands like those from Galilee


© 1989 Mohrgüd Music (BMI)


16. His Hands
Kenneth Cope  


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