Rooted in the Sky

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“It is only from the light which streams constantly from heaven that a tree can derive the energy to strike its roots deep into the soil. The tree is in fact rooted in the sky.” (Simone Weil)

I love this!

Now, we must agree that a tree is “rooted” in two places, for while it extracts its energy from the light of the sun, it also sends its roots deep into the earth to gather the water it needs to survive and grow. However, for me, this is a valuable reminder that we humans are truly dual beings. Our spirit-selves can’t get nourishment, except from heaven. This soul-food is found nowhere else. Meanwhile, our temporal bodies must get their nourishment from the world around us.

And although our bodies are extremely valuable, I think it’s important to remember, that it’s our spirits, not our bodies, who are the real us. Think of it…we were the real us long before we ever got into our bodies. These magnificent mortal bodies are temporary tools for learning and growth (though Christ has promised to give them back to us, perfected, in the resurrection). However, our spirits, though they have amnesia, are largely unchanged since coming here. They longingly seek the peace and beauty of their eternal home. So, while our spirits long for heaven, our bodies are clinging to the world around us. Aha! Is it any wonder that we often find ourselves greatly at war with ourselves? And if we’re careless, we can get so attached to the physical world that our spirit-selves become numb and in danger of ignoring—or even rejecting—the true Light of the world that is continually being offered to us.

To the Jews who didn’t believe in Him, Jesus said: “Ye are of this world; I am not of this world” (John 8: 23). These souls were overly-attached down here, and were not “rooted in the sky.” (They missed the Light of the world when it was blazing right in front of them!)

As well, Jesus’ prophets have counseled us for years the need to be ‘in the world, but not of the world.’

So, we are here, and our bodies need what they need. But remember, they’re just clothing for the real us. And the real us also needs what it needs.

Therefore, I ask you, what are you “rooted in”, or connected to? From whence do you get your nourishment, your desire, your motivation, your power?

I want to send my roots upward, deep into heaven…so that I’ll have the spiritual nourishment and energy to reach deeply into the world, and connect with more and more individuals, and bring soul-nourishment to them. Jesus is the Vine. We are the branches. Try cutting off a branch and see how well it grows or how much fruit it bears. It doesn’t take long at all before it starts to shrivel and dry up. Jesus knew that our spirits needed Him, or they would go limp. He also knew He needed His Father. He was and is forever rooted in the sky. And we can be too, if we stay rooted in Him.

I want to live my life rooted in the sky! How about you?

Until next week… :)

14 Responses to Rooted in the Sky

  1. Lynda

    My Dear Friend and Brother,

    Thank you so much for the pearls of wisdom you share. Such enlightenment. My soul needed this nourishmeht today.

    I think you need to write a song about being rooted in the sky, if you haven’t already. =)

    Love and blessings to your beautiful family. I fear I may never see you face to face again, since your performances are few, and my proximity far.

    • Thanks, dear Lynda!
      No song yet…but one just may come…it’s much too good of a title and idea to pass up. :)
      Wishing the best for your family as well.
      And hey…no doubts about seeing each other again…we’re not dead yet, or even getting close. :)

  2. Kathy felice

    Hello, I always felt I missed my calling in life (a TREE HUGGER). Actually that is why I loved our house, and when I was afraid and lonely growing up, that is where you could find me, up a tree. Maybe that could be the title of a song. Hee Hee. Love you

    • Hi Kathy!
      From now on, whenever I pass by your place, I’ll be on the lookout for you up in that gargantuan tree in your back yard next to your deck. Don’t fall!
      Memo to me…new song: “You’ll find me up a tree.” :)

    • Carly Kendall

      You must have passed that on to my mom! One of my favorite places in the world is up a tree. Maybe it is just my spirit stretching and reaching upward. It always seems so peaceful and beautiful, up a tree delicately balancing so as not to injure yourself or the tree. It is more difficult to get there now but definitely the best place to sit and contemplate or read a great book! I never will understand the fear and disbelief of those who find me in a tree. Those who call for me to return to the ground. They must have never experienced the wonder, amazement and peace I feel there. It is definitely worth the occasional scrape, bruise or fall. If only I could always be reaching higher and stretching father, disregarding the fear and comfort of remaining where I am, in all areas of my life. The possibilities would be endless. Choose faith or fear, growth or stagnation, we all have a choice. Every time you choose, ask yourself if you are stretching and climbing your own personal tree, or if you are choosing to stagnate where you are. We all fall at times but that is so much better than never climbing at all!

  3. Bonnie Wood

    Hi Kenneth.
    What a great concept…as always, you have given me new inspiration for viewing life. May we always be rooted in the sky! Keep writing!

  4. Sean Borzea

    Also, people understand and remember what they can see and feel. We don’t eat, we get sick. But, like the light and air above the trees, there are equally essential aspects of life. We don’t see spirit, so people often neglect it. But what if we wrapped a tree in plastic, obstructing light and air, which we can’t see so it must not be real / valuable anyhow. It withers and dies. So it is with the spiritual.

  5. Kathy Cope

    I love this, Hon!! In ballet, when you want to balance on one foot or on pointe, you think of your supporting leg going deep into the ground, and your spine and upper body reaching up to the sky. The opposition thereby created nets beautiful results!!! Love you.

  6. Jason Oyler

    Kenneth, thanks for sharing this. What a beautiful way to remind us of our need to connect to heaven. I suppose the purer we become, the better we’ll be able to see the heavenly roots of God’s creations.

    • Thanks, Jason! Yes…to be able to remember that every living thing is rooted in the sky, is to have new eyes to see…I’m guessing it’s difficult for just about all of us (me included) to KEEP that perspective. :)

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