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Hello, world! This is my first post on my new website. As will become very evident to anyone who takes the time to explore this site, it is very mission driven. On Facebook, in the ABOUT section of my musician’s page, I’ve posted these words: “Doing What I Was Born To Do.” I believe that, only second to being a faithful and loving husband and father, I am primarily on the earth to use whatever means I have at my fingertips to point people to God…the Eternal Father of the eternal part of us…and to Jesus Christ, His Son, who is our magnificent and Great Redeemer. For the past 26 years, I have used—as my tools—music, lyrics, and other forms of media, as well as passionately singing, preaching, teaching, and giving witness of the good news of the restored gospel. This site now allows me to expand the reach of that work and mission.

Please take the time to look inside here. Perhaps something you find will lead to a blessing for you. Perhaps you’ll find something to share that will lead to a blessing for someone else. Whatever the case, it is my prayer that this site will add value to individual lives, and help bring about greater faith, goodness, and blessings to you personally…recognized, tangible, undeniable blessings. Blessings galore!

“The highest of all arts is the art of living well. Beyond the beauty of sculpture and painting, of poetry or music, is the beauty of a well-spent life. Here all can be artists. Every person can be a hero.” (Unknown)

I am just one person, but one person can make a difference in this world, for good or for evil. I am laden with weakness, but it has been my sincere intent and effort to stand on the side of good.

I hope you enjoy a loving, learning, life-expanding week!

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  1. Mike Bartils

    Music is a power. It is a life-blood for the soul and can be used for the good of mankind. It flows through us to excite, to motivate, to inspire and to convince. This composer has the tools to command an emotion, to direct a soul and to convince a nation. May all who hear the song of Kenneth’s heart, be as inspired as mine has been through the past 26 years. A meager soul from Australia, I have been profoundly touched by this music and changed forever. Yours In Harmony. Michael Bartils.

    • Hi Mike! You are so kind to me. I know what you mean about music being a “life-blood”…my soul really responds to great music. It has been my hope for so long to create music that would help other souls respond to the Lord. This will continue to be my hope.
      Have a great day, bro! :)

  2. Hi Kenneth! How exciting!!
    I am originally from East Yorkshire -so I especially loved seeing your awesome pics.
    All the best –

  3. Lovely post and lovely site! And the thought for the week was beautiful.

  4. Hi there, Kenneth! I just wanted to (once again) let you know that I love and respect both your music and your spirit.

    I’ve written and released a few albums of music myself, but mostly of the more “worldly” kind. Hope to write some more spiritual / inspirational songs in the future, though, so that the talents I’ve been given may serve purposes beyond entertainment.

    I have many friends living in Utah, and if I cross the Atlantic one day to visit some of them, it would be a privilege to get to meet you, too. I have a feeling we would have an interesting little chat about music, the gospel and life in general. :-)

    I’m looking forward to following your blog.
    All the best wishes from Norway! :-)


    • Great to hear from you, Finn! My daughter, Eden, who speaks Swedish, will love hearing that I have a musician friend in Norway. :) I wish you great success and inspiration as you continue to use your gifts to bring about good in the world. Keep following your heart and the voice of God who speaks to you there. I believe in you, bro! :)

  5. Candy Kammerman

    Beautiful website. I loved the tribute to women (Women at the Well) and I can hardly wait for you to finish The Son of Man!

    • Thanks so much, Candy! It’s very kind of you to take the time to encourage me. I will keep pressing forward on Son of Man. I have a feeling it will be the most important musical work of my life. :)

  6. Anne Barker

    Nice work, Kenneth! Good to “see” you are continuing your musical and spiritual journey, and helping the rest of us as well!

    • Hi Anne! Thank you for being a help to me as well. Your kindness and interest assists me in keeping at it, and not letting up. I am determined, but people like you help that determination flourish. :)

  7. Bryan Borough

    Nice job on the website – I’m going to have to get that “The Gospel of John – The Film” now and share it with my family. Sounds wonderful.

    I have a testimony of Jesus the Christ. Playing your songs on my guitar invite that testifying spirit – I thank you for that and your undeviating example of creating music to please God and bring people closer to him.

    God bless you.


    • Wow, Bryan! Thank you. I rejoice to have been useful to you in any way. Keep playing the guitar and testifying of Christ. And yes…you will really enjoy “The Gospel of John”…it is lovely. My wife and daughter have thoroughly enjoyed watching it with me. They love how Jesus is portrayed…as do I. :)

  8. Scott Eggers

    My friend, just so grateful for your gift to lift. Your site is just as you deserve it to be…beautiful. Blessings to all the Copes.

  9. Bonnie Wood

    You have such a wonderful talent for expressing some of the most precious and deepest feelings of my heart. Thanks for sharing this great blessing with us. Carry on…we need more of your beautiful music!

  10. Kathy Cope

    i love your message Hon! I want to live a more consecrated life. Thank you for your lovliness!!!

    • Precious wife…Your wonderful life has been as consecrated as I could have hoped it to be. Our family are the recipients of your focus, energy, and love. I have no doubt that we are so blessed by God because of His devoted love for us, Jesus’ abounding grace, and your untiring efforts and goodness! xo

  11. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and perspective about life and our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I too believe bearing testimony of Christ is the, “who you are”. I am so grateful for your love and friendship.



    I want to tell you that YOUR MUSIC was used to save a LOT of lives in Asia.
    God will FOREVER bless you for that.

    God be with you till we meet Again IN ZION

  13. Shauna

    Lovely Copes — once again you uplift and inspire! I am looking to up my commitment level to the Lord; it’s one foot in front of the other, and trying not to fall back. I find I’m both too hard on myself and too easy on myself — wouldn’t it be great if I could SAY I trust in the Lord, and then ACTUALLY DO IT without shrinking or shirking? ;) … sigh … We’ll get there … our love to you all!


    • Dear Shauna…you so courageously say what most all of us feel…I would guess that most all of us are too hard on ourselves. God has declared that He wants us to become perfect, yet He is so much more patient with us than we are. He sees us in eternity and what we are becoming…not what we are today. He waits till the end to judge us. He believes there is still time. If I can remember that, I might be a little nicer to myself when I fall down. Hang on and look upward. Remember He is a Father, and everything that means. :)

  14. Sean Borzea

    “Here all can be artists. Every person can be a hero.” (Unknown)

    …and each person can present his/her own “masterpiece” in their own way, to God at the last day. Like our kids don’t all present perfect projects to parents/ teachers, the joy is in knowing they gave it their honest best and are the better for it.

    • Gratefully, Sean, what good we do present to our Father at the last day will have Jesus’ fingerprints all over it. God be praised for a Savior who not only rescues from sin and death, but who perfects His adoring followers! :)

  15. Stacey

    Dear Kenneth,
    Too many years ago, I was in high school and your album “Greater Than Us All” was released. My best friend at the time, the man who would come to be my eternal companion, loved this CD and would listen to it often. Six years after he became my eternal companion, cancer took him from me. It’s been almost nine years now. I have since introduced another wonderful man to the gospel, remarried and had two more beautiful children. However, my angel husband is often with me. Today on Pandora, your song “Never a Better Hero” played and I was transported through all those years to when we were teenagers, learning the gospel together in seminary. And because there was that great hero, he and I will be reunited someday. Thank you for creating the music that creates memories and hope for me.

    • Wow, Stacey! I cherish this! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. God is so kind to His children.
      And…I rejoice that He lets me be a small, simple tool in His important work, and that He chooses to sometimes use the music when He wants to reach out to bless one of His children with His love.
      That’s wonderful how you feel your angel husband with you often. What a blessing for you!
      Keep adding your loveliness and powerful influence to the world around you, Stacey. I’m sure God LOVES to work through you, too! :)

  16. Jerry Lynn Shanklin


    Your music is such an inspiration. I’ll never forget when you and Cathy were in our Ward here in Glendale, California many years ago. It was such a blessing to have you here for a few years. You allowed me the priviledge of accompanying you on the piano when you sang in our Sacrament Meeting a couple of times. How wonderful that was for me. Presently Dennis and I are The LDS Institute Directors at Glendale College (2-year service mission). We have music playing throughout the institute from the time we get there until we leave. Of course, we play many of your cd’s on a daily basis and the students love your music.

    Thank you Kenneth for the beautiful music you create. It definitely blesses the lives of so many.

    Jerry Shanklin

    • Thank you so much, dear Jerry! We miss you and Dennis and hope you and your family are well. Sounds like you have a great assignment! Congratulations. :) Kathy and I will never forget you or the life-expanding experiences we shared with you there in Glendale! Great love to you!!! :)

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