When you and I look in the mirror, we can’t see who we really are. We’re just seeing the body we inherited from our parents. But that’s not the real us. After all, we were the real us long before we ever got into our bodies. The real us existed from before the foundation of this world. The real us is strong, and powerful, and intelligent, and gloriously full of light. We are God’s children, made in His image (though we’re not yet fully developed). Our glorious Father shines brighter than the sun. So, you can bet we are doing some shining as well. But each of our bodies hide our shine. And, it was the same for Jesus. To so many people around Him, He just seemed like everyone else. But He was so much more developed than anyone else. He created this world. He was God with us. He was His Father’s Child, and He loved His Father perfectly. He also loved us perfectly. This is why He came to save us…because we are, each one of us, our Father’s child.