When we were born, we were given names by our parents. These names came to us for various reasons…perhaps our mother was reading a book which had a certain character in it with a name that struck her fancy; perhaps our dad had a dear friend or family member whom he admired and wanted to honor by naming a son after him; perhaps our parents decided to use the first half of our grandma’s name and the last half of our uncle’s name…we’ve seen it all. And most all of these names have meanings. David means beloved…Hannah means grace…I met with a gentlemen once whose last name was also Cope, and he said that he had done some research and found out that the name Cope originated from a word that meant little mound of dirt. Pretty exciting…I hope I can live up to it….Anyway, no matter how we came upon these names of ours, they were given to us, and unless God gave us power to whisper from the womb, these names were mostly out of our control. However, there are other names that come to us in life that we do have a choice about what we’ll do with them.