Most of the songs I’ve written…probably 98 percent of them…have taken a great deal of time to create. God has let me work and sweat and struggle to get them…weeks and sometimes months, or even years. But this is one of maybe two or three that came so quickly…minutes to a few hours…I was amazed at the ease with which it was born. As far as the content of the piece…So much of our Savior’s life has these dual bookends…where His coming and His going shared elements…stone, wood, blood, wrapping cloth…as well as humiliation, struggle, submission, tears…much more than is written in the song. Jesus epitomized a life filled with opposition in all things. And the whole reason He went through it…so that He can work His greatest miracle for you and me.

“Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” And Jesus says: “I will. Be thou clean.”