While He walked the earth, Jesus spoke so much about what kind of works we would produce…what kind of fruit would be springing from our daily lives. He voiced often how important those issues were to Him, and then He backed up His talk with His own life; He showed us the way—how to bring forth good fruit.

To me, someone’s hands represent so much of who they are. Is strength there? Or tenderness? Are their hands graceful, or awkward? Do they comfort or frighten? Are they productive or destructive? What must have Jesus’ hands said to those whom He touched to heal? Or how did His hands break bread? What did they feel like to the children He held? The same strength and courage that emanated from those hands as they stretched out to calm a turbulent sea, or drive money changers from His Father’s house, that same courage must have been evident as He pointed His palms to face the nails. I could go on for quite a while imagining. It is all that and more that motivated me to try to draw pictures of those remarkable hands with a song.