Jesus is undoubtedly best remembered by the human race for the giving of His life on the cross. But His love for us didn’t start there. Long before Calvary and the crown of thorns, before Bethlehem, or Israel, or even Eden came into existence, this same Jesus, while with us in heaven, demonstrated His matchless love when He volunteered to come to this earth as Savior for the whole human family. God, our Father, knew that all of us, His children, while mortals, would from time to time make the fatal mistake of choosing evil rather than good. He, therefore, came up with a plan to save us from the consequences of our sins. This plan required a Redeemer—a sinless sacrifice for all sinners. But who would this Redeemer be? The Father asked “Whom shall I send?” And, in the succinct words of Neal A. Maxwell: “Never has anyone offered so much to so many in so few words as when Jesus said, ‘Here am I, send me.’”