About a week before His death, while Jesus ate in the house of Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary came to Him and anointed His head with a very costly ointment. Though His brethren were unaware of His fast approaching death, yet, she knew it, and performed this act of adoration. She did it in token of His burial. This same Mary, who chose to sit at Jesus feet and hear His word when He visited, apparently knew and understood things about Him that even His apostles did not at that time comprehend. Mary had given her time unto the Lord when He was near. And while that “good part” which she had chosen would never be taken away, (see JST Mark 14: 3-9; John 12: 1-8.) she knew that Jesus must soon leave her. He would be leaving them all.

And so, sadly came the day of His death. “Yom Kippur”—the day of atonement, the day of tears.