Those who lived in Nazareth tried to talk themselves out of Jesus’ growing popularity by focusing on his familiar family. They considered them just ordinary folks—His mother, Mary; his brothers and sisters who had grown up in the same village; his father, the carpenter. And yet, if they had only known who Jesus’ real Father was, it might have been different for them. Had they listened to His words long enough and had ears to hear, they might have benefited from His miracles and the wondrous things He taught. However, because of their unbelief, He did not many mighty works there. And though they rejected Him, Jesus still went on to atone for their sins. Under the direction of His Almighty Father He had created worlds without number, and also at His Father’s bidding He took up His cross for the benefit of the whole human family. After rising from the dead, this Framer of worlds has gone on ahead, to build mansions in His Father’s house for you and me.