If you and I will plant a seed in our hearts, if it be a true and a good seed, and if we do not cast it out by our unbelief, that we resist the Spirit of the Lord, it will begin to swell within us. It will enlarge our souls, and enlighten our understanding. It will become delicious to us. And then, if we nurture it with care, it will grow into a tree and bring forth fruit unto us. (See Alma 32: 28-43.) This I know. I have experienced it. The seed of Jesus Christ was planted in my heart so many years ago by my faithful mother. Because of this, my life is forever changed. Jesus has walked with me along the journey. He has stood by me in my service and devotion to Him. He has tutored me and loved me through disappointment, pain and sorrow.

What shall I do for Him? He said I should love those around me as He has loved me—the stranger, the hungry, the naked, the lonely, the widow, the orphan, the clumsy, the different, the mocker, the bully, both the hater and the hated. Everyone is crying out. Am I listening? Lord, You once said helping them means helping You. Then through their tears I hear You crying, and I’m going to live to wipe Your tears dry. I will be there for Your pain and Your sorrow, ready to help in Your hour of need. Whether today or tomorrow, You can always call on me.