Just three weeks or so after the Goodman Family and I returned from meeting and performing “I am a Child of God” for Pope John Paul II in Rome, some of the Goodmans got into a terrible car accident. Three of the youngest children were killed. The father, Papa Steve, and two of the other younger children were also in the car and sustained life threatening injuries. They were in the hospital for a while. Andrea was one of these two children, near death for weeks. Her mother, Claudia Goodman, told me that the time had come at the hospital when the doctors and staff felt that they had done all that they could for Andrea, but she apparently wasn’t responding; and they told Claudia that they had no other options but to pull the plug as Andrea was being kept alive by machines. Claudia asked them to let it go one more night and that she’d make the decision in the morning. Claudia told me that she prayed all night, came back to the hospital and looking on her dear daughter, realized that “Andrea had decided to stay.” Within just a short time, Andrea was back in school and traveling with us to the Czech Republic for the 1st World Congress on Families. It was there that I began to write this song for her. It just came to me musically as we all sat around in one of the convention’s hallways, chatting. Andrea is one of the few people I have met on this earth that doesn’t seem to belong here. She is so pure and so uninterested in what the world has to offer. She wears “the smile of paradise.”