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The Sacrament (part 4)

(Continued from last week…) I know, I know! I said last week, with that post, that I was finishing up with this series on the sacrament. But hey, something else pressed in upon me as I cut the lawn this morning…so here I am. “Wherefore,” in the words of Moroni,

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The Sacrament (part 3)

(Continued from last week…) Just a few final thoughts… In the ancient land Bountiful, after appearing to two thousand and five hundred souls, consisting of men, women, and children, why did the resurrected Jesus give the sacrament FIRST to His newly called twelve Nephite disciples, before distributing it to the

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The Sacrament (part 2)

(Continued from last week…) Wow…awesome! Now that I have your attention… This last post appears to have generated a lot of individual thought and discussion…which is a good thing, right? If it did nothing else, than to cause some of us to think more about what we personally feel and

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The Sacrament (part 1)

For some years now, I’ve felt an increasing concern about a particular view we seem to focus on in much of the Church about the ordinance of the sacrament… Just over a year and a half ago, when I started the blog series, “Practice Makes Progress, Jesus Makes Perfect”, I

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