God remains unseen and forgotten to most of us because of a veil He’s put in place…a veil that blocks our spiritual memories and hides Him from our physical eyesight. But He can’t fully hide from us…not really. He’s too much a part of every beautiful thing around us. He’s the Prime Mover behind all that is good, and lovely, and living. I see Him in so many things…in the miraculous fruits of the garden, in the astounding process of childbirth, in the iridescent feathers on a bird of paradise, in the natural, spontaneous smile of a fellow human being…

He is my God and I have thrilled making music about Him all these years. However, it feels awkward to me to receive public praise for this, since my very talents are just another sign of His giving a bit of Himself into the world. So, with my talents, and with my breath, I am going to make a big fuss about Him, and keep reminding the world of this truth, that He is the Source from whence all our blessings come!

I know You’ve said, that for You, it’s all about us,
And You prove it with all that You do,
But for me, Lord, it’s all about You!